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2X90 Capsule Absonutrix African Mango Irvingia-weightloss formula

2X90 Capsule Absonutrix African Mango Irvingia-weightloss formula



African Mango (1,200mg/Max Strength) blend available is one of the most effective Weight Loss formula available Today!

90 Capsules! New Packaging!

Made with real Mango Extract! Using a most advanced extraction technique.

Highest Quality Guaranteed. Not satisfied? Return it in 14 days. No questions asked..

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Do you want to lose belly fat or lower your cholesterol?  Then you need to know about Absonutrix African Mango Pure.

Absonutrix African Mango is also known as Irvingia Gabonensis.  Similar to the mango, the seeds of Irvingia Gabonensis are high in fiber, which is essential to removing cholesterol from the body.

Our Absonutrix African Mango (1,200mg/Max Strength) blend is one of the most effective Weight Loss formulas available.  In addition to Irvingia Gabonensis, the African Mango Pure from Absonutrix contains other supplements:

Maqui Berry – a powerful antioxidant

Acai Fruit – which some people call the healthiest food on the planet

Green Tea Extract – an anti-carcinogen, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-radiation

Resveratrol – which may slow down or reverse the effects of aging

Absonutrix guarantees the quality of our African Mango Pure. It is the most advanced formula available in the market today and is made with the highest quality ingredients.

Our Guarantee – Try It Now Risk Free

Absonutrix African Mango Pure guarantees that if you are not completely satisfied with our product, we will refund you the full amount of your purchase price.

What is African Mango?

New research has indicated there is tremendous potential for health benefits with African Mango.

This has caught the attention of those who are trying to lose weight safely.  The extract of the West African Mango is a natural and healthy way for dieters to lose weight and improve overall health.  Some studies have shed some positive light on the supplement.

Where does African Mango come from?

The West African Mango is grown naturally in the rainforests of Cameroon Africa and is considered to be a natural source of cholesterol management and a weight management agent.

How can African Mango help aid in weight loss?

While the African Mango may be considered to be an effective, natural diet supplement, its true genius could be with how it can help the obese lose weight.

In one double-blind clinical study, a group taking African Mango showed significantly better weight loss than the group who did not.

Maybe the biggest factor could be African Mango's natural ability to act as an appetite suppressant. Leptin is a naturally occurring hormone that helps us control our appetites; however, most obese people have built up a resistance to leptin because, in part, to high levels of C-reactive protein (CPR). CPR can bind to leptin, lessening its effectiveness.

But the nutrients in African Mango seem to lower the levels of CPR in the body allowing leptin to accomplish its natural design with greater effectiveness. African Mango is also believed to increase the body's production of Adiponectin.

Adiponectin is a hormone that the body uses to increase a cell's sensitivity to insulin and subsequently improving its glucouse and fat metabolism potential.  By increasing those levels the body can turn more fat into burned energy; the result is weight loss.

Absonutrix African Mango Pure - comprehensive formula. Latest Weight Loss & Slimming Sensation Product! This best selling Weight Loss contains: African Mango Extract (also known as Irvingia Gabonensis (or irvingia gabonesis).

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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