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3 Absonutrix Drunken Nights-reduce the chance of getting a hangover naturally no headache and fatigue

3 Absonutrix Drunken Nights-reduce the chance of getting a hangover naturally no headache and fatigue


Absonutrix® Drunken Nights Hangover

helps with headache, fatigue and dehydration from Hangover

powerful all natural proprietary blend formula

3 packs-90 day supply 

Have you had a jolly good time at a party and  missed that important meeting the next day because you had a very bad headache?

One might wonder why does your body experience a hangover after drinking alcohol

Alcohol is a diuretic that washes off important nutrients and vitamins from your body resulting in hangover.

Hangover from alcohol consumption is caused due to dehydration resulting in headache, fatigue and uneasy feeling in your stomach. Alcohol not only causes dehydration but also takes off important salts and potassium from your body.

Presenting Absonutrix® Drunken Nights hangover patch

  • Reduce the chance of getting a hangover naturally
  • Replenish your body with needed nutrients throughout the night
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Powerful all natural proprietary blend
  • Made in USA

Absonutrix® Drunken Nights Hangover patch contains powerful blend of vitamins. This powerful blend of vitamins, nutrients, and anti oxidants can reduce the severity of hangover.

Consuming alcohol can deplete your body of water and essential vitamins resulting adverse effects on your nervous system which in turn causes symptoms of headache, fatigue or "hangover".

Absonutrix® Drunken Nights hangover patch can replenish these essential nutrients and thus helping in restoring the natural balance so you will not miss that important meeting the next day.

Each patch contains 15,518.2 mcg of a powerful all natural propriety blend.


How to use Absonutrix® Drunken Nights Patch

Apply one Absonutrix® Drunken Nights Patch at least 30-45 minutes before taking alcohol

  • Choose a clean, dry hairless area on your upper body to apply the patch, for strongest effects place on inside of upper arm.
  • The package contains a pouch of 2 cards each with 15 patches attached.
  • Peel off the one new patch and apply to upper arm, shoulder, or back area, adhesive side down before you begin drinking. Leave the patch in place throughout the night until morning.
  • Drink at least eight ounces size glasses of water to flush out the toxins.
  • Drunken Nights is commonly used as a proactive measure to help prevent the hangover the morning after drinking. It's recommended that you begin using 30-40 minutes prior to your first drink.
  • If effects are too strong or discomfort occurs move to outer arm, shoulder, upper back or an area with thicker skin for slower absorption.

* These statements have not been evaluated by FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease or medical condition.

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