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3 Month Hoodia Green Tea Patch Amazing Results Slimming-P57 slimming formula

3 Month Hoodia Green Tea Patch Amazing Results Slimming-P57 slimming formula


Hoodia Green Tea Extract Diet Patch Time Released 30 Patches - Most Advanced Formula!

Amazing Hoodia Gordonii Cactus.                                                                      

Authentic hoodia is one of the rarest botanicals in the world. It is a cactus like plant that grows exclusively in South Africa. Scientists have isolated several compounds in hoodia that help suppress appetite. The chemical constituents in hoodia work within the satiety center by releasing a chemical compound similar to glucose, but is up to 100,000 more powerful. The hypothalamus receives this signal as an indication that enough food has been consumed and this in turn stunts the appetite. It basically tricks the brain into thinking that you are full. To date, there are no known adverse side effects caused by the use of hoodia.

Green Tea for Weight Loss and Well-Being!
The exotic GREEN TEA is America's latest weight loss solution! It can help you burn unwanted fat and pounds without any unwanted side effects. In fact, Green Tea has been historically taken to achieve a wide range of health benefits, as well. Such benefits include strengthened immune system and improved cardiovascular health. It has also become one of the most popular Anti-Oxidants available!

Recommended Use:

  • Choose a clean, dry, hairless area on your upper body to apply the patch.
  • Peel off one new patch each day and apply to upper arm, shoulder or back area, adhesive side down. Then leave the patch in place for 24 hours.
  • Drink at least eight 8 ounce glasses of water a day. This will help flush out toxins from your body and replace them with essential fluids.
  • Combine Advanced Hoodia & Green Tea Patch-CR™ with a healthy diet and regular exercise to achieve maximum benefits.
  • It is recommended that you continue with Advanced Hoodia & Green Tea Patch-CR™for at least 120 days or until you reach your goals.                                                                    

WARNINGS: Consult your physician prior to use of this supplement program. Do not use if pregnant, lactating, or sensitive to iodine. In the unlikely event that you do experience side effects or adhesive allergies, stop use immediately and promptly seek medical attention. For adult use only. Not recommended for children under the age of 12.

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