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3 Packs All Natural Sleep Patch Melatonin St Johns Wort

3 Packs All Natural Sleep Patch Melatonin St Johns Wort


Absonutrix Sweet Dreams X-treme all natural sleep patch

with St. John’s Wort Extract
2 pack 

Natural Sleep X.Treme –

  • Helps sleep fast
  • Helps wake up rested
  • Non habit forming

Its 2 AM, you have spent a day keeping a howling boss at bay, taking your kids through one crisis after another and gently reminding your husband that his mother in law will in fact visit over the weekend. And now, exhausted as you are you lay starring at the ceiling unable to sleep. Stress has a way of robbing us of the rest we desperately need and at Absonutrix we have a solution that can help.

The natural ingredient in this patch leaves no side effect and completely eliminates grogginess in the morning.

Introducing Absonutrix Sweet Dreams Patch with St. John's Wort Extract.

Absonutrix Sweet Dream patch is 100% natural and has St. John’s Wort extract as the main ingredient. This natural extract has proven to be highly effective in calming your nerves and help you sleep peacefully at night.

What is St. John's Wort

St. John's wort is a plant with small bright yellow colored flowers. The extract of this plant is considered to contain many natural chemicals that is primarily used to treat depression, anxiety and sleep disorders from ancient times.

Many studies have suggested that St. John's wort might work  by preventing nerve cells in the brain from reabsorbing the  chemical messenger serotonin, or by reducing levels of a  protein involved in the body's immune system functioning.
 St. John's wort has been used since ancient times for  treatment of mental conditions, nerve pain, and a variety of  other health conditions. Today, St. John's wort is primarily  used for natural treatment of anxiety, mild to moderate  depression, and sleep disorders.

 Melatonin controls your sleep cycles. This hormone is also  found in small quantity in foods such as meat, grains, and  vegetables.

 Sweet Dreams is your natural alternative to prescription  sleeping pills!

 This sleep patch is very effective and you will sleep like a  baby!

 You have to use it to believe it!!

  • St John’s Wort Extract (stems, leaves, & flower)
  • Melatonin

1 patch used every 24 hours

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